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I was recently watching a series of performers on “America’s Got Talent” and a teenage performer Calysta, proudly introduced herself as as Stage !! Ovarian Cancer survivor. She then sand what she described as her fight song with lyrics such as
“Like a small boat on the ocean sending big waves into motion” and
“Like a single word that can make a heart open” and
“I may have only one match but I can make an explosion”
What an amazing song for that young lady but the sadness is that I have read she had her haters on social media known as trolls but I consider they are unloved sick individuals, and not difference those in another era would have picked up rocks to stone people to death. Why are we so intent on putting others down instead of having them as our own personal role models.
We need to be exploring each other’s good work and saying if they can do it at least I can give it a go. You know that our God does love you and you need proof the Google Nick Vujicic (the guy with NO arms or legs) and his message of hope and love to high school students and their reactions.
It is time that every single person needs to know that our God DOES love them in a way the world does not understand and that each person IS WORTHY. Do you believe that – please oh please do and speak to your Pastor or Youth Leader if you are having trouble understanding what God has in store for you.
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