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After ten years of development and fine tuning Global Youth Energised is here to stay. GYE is not another youth group or club but is best described as a Youth Movement as an additional tool for an on-line experience for youth apart from the one night of the week and well allow youth to read positive stories of others MAKING A DIFFERENCE or being MAD in this world for others.
GYE has been developed specifically to utilize all the benefits of social media to take the experience on each young adult to higher level of fulfillment that is not available in the once a week type youth group.
We will be highlighting local, national and global stories or youth and young adults making a difference, helping others, world changers not held back by red tape or an attitude of being unworthy. These stories are all gold star performances by youth and young adults who do not consider themselves as ordinary but rather focused achievers with servant hearts.
Global Youth Energised will always be managed and administrated by youth with guidance from a focused group of adults committed to helping youth make the difference in the world and there is a strong commitment to being accountable for our actions and behaviour and extreme or unacceptable language or behaviour will not be tolerated in any form.
Traditionally young people are not encouraged to “have a go” to “Make A Difference” and in the GYE environment that will always be the opposite. Young Adults will be Gold Star role models and Adult Ambassadors will have a history of achievement and committed to encouraging young adults to continue as Gold Star performers encouraging the next generation of youth and young adults to be YOUPRENEAURS!
Enjoy the journey and do what is on your heart to make your world a better place with your gifts, skills, knowledge, commitment and drive.
Who can be a member? Anyone from ten and thirty years old and wishing to use strategies like “paying it Forward”.
How much does it cost? Nothing just a commitment to make the world better for all.
What religion do you need to be? None GYE is specifically designed to be non-denominational and multi-denominational, separate to any Government funding and red tape and about youth having a go.
How can I join? Sign up on the website www.youthenergised.com and enjoy. Share your stories and ideas and look out for amazing events, ideas, strategies and achievements.