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Is RESILIENCE the new solution to youth bulling and suicides – is this just a buzz word or does it really help. This Post was scheduled to be about bullying however with so much “expert advice” currently across all media that we at Global Youth Energised wish to add real and positive direction to the solution.

There is one standard universal rule that we believe establishes a platform for all further consideration. NOTE: Each and every person regardless of age, ethnic heritage or faith formation are worthy of the love of God. Hey that alone should be refreshing enough and if you are seeking supporting scripture send an email to [email protected] for assistance.

Increasingly global research is indicating that for youth to gain resilience is the answer to combat the current issues of bullying and teen suicides. So what is resilience all about? A recent national survey has demonstrated that currently the top three issues for youth are body image, school stress and mental health and recent research research in Jordan has shown a significant response to resilience strategies by alleviating stress, strengthening relationships and healing the scars of conflict or simply put stress management strategies of at risk relationship stress.

In fact bullying or teen suicides should not be reduced to a response of “just suck it up” or “just move on”. The world and stresses are moving so quickly that what may have worked twenty years ago needs to be updated. The answer is group activities such as sport, serving in the community or activities such as computer repairs. These activities need to be constantly updated and challenging for the youth. The old proven format of youth group activities on a Friday Night between 6pm and 8pm may not be the answer. In fact ask the youth.

Resilience for youth is built through a) relationship building skills involving direct communication, b) embedded with family type caregivers and activities modeling expressing affection and sympathy, worthwhile and not just child minding.

If you desire further discussion or clarification contact Global Youth Energised at [email protected] Remember do not listen to what people say God say “YOU ARE WORTHY AND LOVED”.